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Mission and Overview.  The mission of the Mayor Eugene A. Braught Memorial Theater and Meeting Room (collectively, the Theater Complex) shall be to present, preserve and promote cultural expression and appreciation, in a manner and means affordable to all citizens and visitors to Weslaco. 

The Theater Complex shall be administered by the City of Weslaco Public Library.  As the administering entity, the Library shall

The responsibility shall rest with the Library Director, who operates within the mission and scope specified below.

Criteria for Evaluating Proposed Programs.  In determining whether a proposed program is consistent with the mission and within the capabilities of the library without disruption of other services, the Library Director or his designee(s) shall consider the factors below.  Some or all may be considered.

  1. Cultural Merit.  In evaluating cultural merit, the Library Director and/or designated staff will consider whether the program will help audiences experience some form of intellectual and/or artistic activity or its products.  The Library may request a preview, such as a recording or script, of the proposed program.

  2. Equal and Equitable Access.  Insofar as reasonably possible, the Library shall seek a variety of programs from a variety of sponsors and organizations within the community of Weslaco and the Rio Grande Valley.  A diverse variety of access, representation and programming shall be a specific goal.

  3. Public Appeal.  Weekend and evening programs shall be intended for the general public and geared toward general public interest.  The Theater Complex will not generally accommodate weekend and evening activities by an individual, group, or organization where attendance by the general public is discouraged.  Preference will be given to programs that attract Weslaco area residents and visitors.

  4. Publicity.  Applicants need to promote their event.  The Library staff will assist, but cannot assume promotional responsibility for proposed events.

  5. Planning.  Programs need to be well-planned and well-thought out.  The Theater Complex is equipped to put on a variety of programs.  Library staff cannot make up planning, communication or coordination deficiencies on the part of the presenters.

  6. Financial Responsibility.  The Library requires a refundable deposit for the use of the facilities, in accordance with City regulations and procedures.  Deposits encourage proper, judicious and reasonable theater treatment.  In the event of misuse, damage or excessive costs, deposits encourage recovery of damages or excessive costs.  Costs may include staff overtime where programs run past the agreed-upon schedule.

    The City of Weslaco may waive deposits when a program is initiated or cosponsored by a City Department and/or Non-Profit.

    The City of Weslaco may waive fees and deposits where the program is organized by the Library or the City of Weslaco.

  7. Secular Appeal.  The program shall not be a church service or other religious ceremony.  However, programs with religious elements that enjoy general public appeal and have cultural merit are acceptable.

  8. City Capabilities and Other Duties.  Programs may be approved for after hours, but preference will be given to programs held during normal operating hours.  After-hours programming shall depend on the City or Library’s staffing, budget and other obligations.  The Theater Complex shall close from time to time for repairs and maintenance as necessary.

  9. City Programming and Training.  The City of Weslaco may schedule City-oriented programs and/or workshops that improve its ability to provide City or City-related services to the public.  Such programming may include City organization meetings and/or training workshops, annual Library Summer Reading programming, City or Library meetings or events, and other City-improvement activities.                       

  Procedures approved by the Weslaco City Commission - November 17, 2009.